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Sold in lots of 100's  $200.00 

I ask the question, how much is a client worth to you?  If the answer is not at lest $2.00, perhaps you are in the wrong 

Just think, a $2.00 investment, years from now will still be working for you. A billboard, news paper, radio, how much wills it 
cost you for a year.   A business card, you will get a lot of them.   When they go into the wallet, how many other people will 
see it?  How long do you keep a card in your wallet?  Sometimes when asked, people don’t feel like going through the wallet 
or pocketbook to find your card.  More times than not, people know where their keys are.

Take a look at what the key tag looks like, do you think that it is something nice for someone to give to you.  Just think about 
what your clients will feel about you, for giving them one.   When your clients have need for your service, they have you right 
on hand, and if they ever need our service, we will treat them as if we want you to be our client again and again. 

Remember, there is need for only one tag on a ring of keys, make sure it’s not the butcher, baker or some widget maker's, 
make it yours. 

​At ICUC2C Company, we have developed a product to keep you at your clients side.  We have created a key ring, with a tag that is durable, attractive, and useful.   This is not the everyday, run of the mill keytag. This keytag is custom made for you.   You decide what you want on it.   A image of your building, a product, a logo, a slogan, just about any image can be placed on your keytag.   With your keytag, day after day your customers will see your business.  

Your customers will want to keep your keytag forever,  when it is backed by a key retrieval system that is state of the art.  On the keytag, is a toll free phone number, that is manned by a human 24 hours a day, every day of the years. This toll free number can be called, if the keys are lost, or found. The key retrieval system, separate our key tag from the pack.  It can help the keys get 
returned to the owner, if they are lost.  

Every keytag has a unique code clearly printed on it.   The word reward is printed in large letters, as a incentive.  The keytag comes with a optional registration sheet that can be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed.   When a keytag is registered, the client will be called if the keys are found. 

The only question is, How much is your ring of keys worth to you?