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Sold in lots of 100's  $200.00 

  Tourist season is almost upon us. They will be coming in dross, looking for that just right souvenir, to take home and 
  show off.   You can let them show off your place, as that place that you just have to go to when you are over that way.   
  Put a picture of your building, logo, trademark, slogan on a key tag, and let them show you off.    We can design you a   
  key tag that is durable, functional and represents you.   We can also use your design.   

  The key return system, separate our key tag from the pack.  The key return system, may help the keys get returned to 
  the owner, if they are lost.  Every key tag has a unique code clearly printed on it.  The word reward is printed in large
  letters.   The key tag comes with a optional registration sheet that can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed.    When a tag is  
  registered, the client will call if the keys are found.

  Just as you take pride in your business, we take pride in our product.   If your customer ever need us, we will deliver 
  our service to them, in a way that compliment your business.  

  Our goal is for you to have satisfied customers, and for you to always be our client.  

  Remember, there is need for only one of our key tags on a ring of keys, don’t let it be the butcher’s, baker’s 
  or some widget maker's, let it be yours.   

At ICUC2C Company, we have developed a product to keep you on your clients mind.    We have created a key ring, with a tag that is durable, attractive, and useful.   This is not the everyday, run of the mill key tag. This tag is custom made for you.   You decide what you want on it.   With your key tag, day after day, your customers will see your business.  

Our tag is backed by a key retrieval system that is state of the art.    On the tag is a toll free phone number that is manned by a human 24 hours a day, every day of the years.   This toll free number can be called, if the keys are lost, or found.   

The replacement cost for a ring of keys can run into the hundreds of dollars.   Our key tag, gives a person the chance to have them returned, if they are lost.   If your customers ever need our service, we will give them the kind of service that will keep you as our client.   Your customers may get another, lock, car, job or spouse, but they will keep your tag forever.  

There is need for only one tag on a ring of keys, make sure it’s not the butcher, baker or a some widget maker.